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With more than 36 years of experience in our field of endeavour G.A.N.B. INSPECTORES DE RIESGOS ASOCIADOS, C.A., has set an absolute leadership in Venezuelan fire protection and integral safety market, which has permitted its international expansion.

We are Venezuela’s leading company in providing fire systems and integral solutions for life, goods and environment protection. Our specialist team applies national and international fire protection codes and develops, together with our costumers, optimal efficient and adequate solutions to fulfill their needs.

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  • Equipment supply and installation with international quality certifications.

  • Specialized personnel in fire protection certified by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

  • Proved and standardized methodologies.

  • Expeditious and efficient management procedures with institutions or regulatory agencies having jurisdiction in the area of security and fire protection.

Quality Assurance

  • To develop and maintain a quality HSE certification system in accordance with COVENIN – ISO regulations.
  • To know and apply current international and national policies.
  • To maintain high quality safety systems technology from reliable suppliers.
  • To provide continuous training for our employees and clients, as well as appropriate use of ultimate technological resources.
  • To foster qualified integrated, focused and motivated team work to reach common objectives.
  • To identify our clients desires and needs in order to fully satisfy their fire protection and integral safety requirements.
  • To provide optimal technical assistance with trained specialists.
  • To meet clients promised deadlines.
  • To offer continuous systems and equipment maintenance service updates.